All you need to know:

Addiscombe Little League Football play on Saturday mornings between the months of September and April at Ashburton Playing Fields, Addiscombe. The whole league meets at around 09:30am - 10:00am to start training and warm-ups before moving onto organised matches against the other teams. Parents who are unable to stay to support their children should check with team managers or league coaches as to expected finish time but your child is in expert care.

One of the biggest advantages of Little League is that all matches and all ages will always play at the same time at the same venue with no travelling beyond the normal venue.  

Main League 

The Main League is for children from school years 6, 7 and 8. As the senior league players enter having had 5 years at the League, however we are of course happy to accept children at any stage.

The Main League starts to focus on developing players in match situations playing in a friendly but competitive league format. Players are allocated to a team in which they will play for the season. Each week players will take part in brief training sessions to develop football skills and knowledge. Following this they then take part in a 7-a-side match.

The year is divided into two seasons, winter and spring with the winners of the two leagues playing in a Championship play off match at the end of the year. We also hold a League 5-a-side tournament at the end of the season. 

Mini League 

Mini Soccer is for boys and girls from School years 4 and 5, it is the interim stage of our Little League structure before progressing onto the Main League. Whilst players can build on the skills they have learnt from the Bantam league, this league is still very much focused on developing the basic skills and concepts of the game.

All drills are done as a collective unit to make sure that they all integrate with each other and not just their team mates. Once the drills are complete – its into the games. Generally we play 20 minutes each half with a 5 minute water break at half time.


The Bantam section of Addiscombe Little League is for children from school years 1, 2 and 3.

We believe that giving children at an early age the fundamental skills to enjoy the game of football is critical.  Our goal is to provide fun and exciting activities to teach the basic principles of the game. It not all about who can kick the ball the furthest or the highest, it is about development through fun but challenging activities.

Our coaches believe that through structured training sessions we can give children the basic skills to enable them to make the transition into the next stage of Little League with ease.


Addiscombe Little League Football is a member of the Little League Football national organisation.                                                                                       

                       Registered charity #1001312  

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