About Little League Football


Little League Football is a registered charity that provides free football for children up to about 13 years old that would not otherwise play regularly for their schools or other organisations. A strong community involvement is a key feature. The emphasis is on mass participation rather than elitism, enthusiasm and endeavour rather than ability. Players are encouraged to develop team spirit, self discipline and sportsmanship.

Since inception in 1968, formation of new leagues has continued and now number more than 30, evidence that there is a demand for this unique concept of youth football. Further expansion is an ongoing objective. 



Mementoes are usually awarded to the finalists in each competition, but not for individual achievements such as 'top goal scorer'. Football is a team game, and Little League does not recognise one player's ability above less skilled team mates.

All players are awarded a certificate when they leave the league on reaching the maximum age.



Parents are encouraged to support their son / daughter by watching his / her team at every match where possible - Little League does not double as a child minding service! All leagues need help from parents with fund-raising, refreshments, refereeing, committee work or just lending a hand putting up and taking down equipment - don't hesitate to ask.

All text and information regarding the National Little League Football Association have been  transffered directly from the original LLF page. ALLF do not claim to own this text and the original can be located at - http://littleleaguefootball.com/about_us.php 

 Addiscombe Little League Football is a member of the Little League Football national organisation.

Registered charity #1001312  

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